Cedar City Dog Park - supporting a

         Originating in Cedar City, 
Friends of Festival Country K-9s (FFCK9) 
is a non-profit organization dedicated to 
enriching the human-animal bond of pets
 and pet owners here in Iron County.


This is the new sign that has been placed at the location.

Iron County's First DOG PARK 
will be located in Enoch, Utah.  
Enoch City Council voted unanimously to have a dog park. The dog park will be built next to Enoch City's new 
Animal Shelter on a 3 acre parcel at about 
6200 N. Minersville Hwy. 
The park will be Enoch City's Dog Park but 
Friends of Festival Country K9s, a 501(c)3 non-profit will be seeking grants, donations and spearheading fundraising efforts to help build this park and help the animal shelter.

Mission Statement:  
 We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization organized for education and appreciation of animals, offering community outreach and animal assistance, while developing a dog park in
Iron County.
Our group is dedicated to saving homeless, abused and abandoned animals.  Our goal is to end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in our county through adoption. 

We strive to educate the public about spaying/neutering, responsible ownership and breed discrimination and believe it will make a positive impact in our community.

Thank you Enoch City for realizing the value to the community.
If you can help this effort in any way, we welcome your participation.  Please find out how you can help by visiting our Enoch Dog Park Page.

Our Shop

at 582 S. Main Street in Cedar City is hosting a display rack for our group to sell items to raise funds to help us build the dog park.

Items include:
T-Shirts, 6 foot leashes, re-usable shopping bags
wood magnets, jewelry, key chains, greeting cards,
vinyl decals & books!

Pick up a free bookmark and see the
plans of the dog park.

Cash Only Sales Please


Support Enoch Dog Park Shirts For Sale

$20 Small to XL
$25 2XL and larger sizes

Purchase of these shirts help us with our building fund. For a full list of items for sale:

Upcoming Events

Find out more HERE!

We support Iron County Animal Shelters and Rescues and hosted a fundraiser for dog beds.  Our Iron County Shelters did not have something for the animals to lay on.  When the kennels got cleaned, the dogs had to go back onto hard, cold,
WET floors.  

We reached our goal to help get the animals off the ground thanks to a wonderful caring community and their donations.

 Facebook Page.

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