Cedar City Dog Park - supporting a
 Top 10 Reasons 
to support our dog park:

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Dogs that play hard are less destructive and calmer at home.  This benefits dog owners and their neighbors who may have to deal with incessant barking.

Many DISABLED and SENIOR CITIZENS are not physically able to exercise their dogs and having a dog park where dogs can play with others and run off their energy would be a great benefit to them.

It could help boost our local economy to host large dog related events in our city.  Hundreds if not thousands attend dog related events YEAR ROUND.  They will stay in our hotels or camp in our RV parks, eat in our restaurants and shop in our city.


It would make it easier for our city to enforce leash laws and registration
It makes for a better community.  It promotes health and safety because well exercised and socialized dogs are less likely to be a nuisance and infringement on the general public who frequent the other parks in our city.
In working closely with our local rescues and shelters, it is our belief that there would be less dog surrenders if people had additional opportunities to bond with their dogs.
Our local homeless shelter dogs could have a place to run and socialize on a doggy field trip (Chris Johnson, Enoch Animal Control Officer's statement) and show off their attributes for potential forever homes.

 If you would like to offer your services to the dog park group please contact us via this website or write us at: ccdogpark12@gmail.com 
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