Cedar City Dog Park - supporting a
FFCK9s Board
Left to Right:  Liz Camarena, Kim Ritz, Jordan Peterson, 
Diane Gil & Lynne Brown

Friends of Festival Country K9s is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the human-animal bond of pets and pet owners in Iron County while supporting all Iron County Animal Shelters.

Buy a Membership to our group 
and get:
*Discounted or Free Dog Training Classes
*Discounted micro-chips for your pets
while helping
*Homeless Animals in Iron County
*Helping to Improve the Dog Park

Purchase your $30 Family Membership Here:

Thank you to Enoch City for donating the land to house Iron County’s First and Only Public Dog Park.

We are developing the 
Enoch PetSafe Dog Park 
with volunteers and donations.  
Please visit our Facebook pages to find out more.

Visit us on Facebook for the most updated information:

501(c)3 Effective Date of Exemption March 7, 2012 FEIN 45-4814778 Utah State Entity No. 8256781-0140
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