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Cedar City has a beautiful new Animal Adoption Center but it is missing something that is desperately needed…beds for the animals.  The facility does not have anything for the animals to lie on.  Donors have graciously given blankets, towels and sheets but they are put on the floor.

Think about it.  Kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily and the animals have to sit on the cold, damp, floor.  If the kennels haven’t been cleaned yet, they are sitting in a soiled area.  The animals don’t have an option of anywhere to go, but a soft bed that keeps them off the ground would make a world of difference in their lives. 

Some of the homeless pets may be in the shelter for weeks and even months. A bed can help give comfort, making their situation less stressful and more comfortable.  Less stressed animals can then show their true personalities and are more adoptable.

Animal Rescue Aid is a non-profit corporation that offers shelters & rescue groups beds at an affordable price to make it feasible to place high quality rust proof aluminum framed beds in a facility.  The beds range in price depending upon size.  ARA is offering to pay all shipping costs and every donation is tax deductible.  The beds are made in the USA.
Cedar City Animal Adoption Center is in need of 28 medium sized beds.  The beds measure 35” X  23” X 8”.

If donating online, you can go directly to the Animal Rescue Aid website at animalrescueaid.org and then click on “Donate to a Shelter”.  The registered “shelter” is Friends of Festival Country K9s (you will need to scroll down to Utah to find us because the states are listed alphabetically.)  

Choose "Blue Bed" if you want to purchase a bed or "Forgotten Shelters" if you want to donate a certain dollar amount.  You will be asked to designate the shelter information at the end of the checkout process. The location is Cedar City Animal Adoption Center, 1303 West Kittyhawk Drive, Cedar City, Utah 84721.  You will be asked to pay via Paypal.

If you want to mail a check and get a tax deductible receipt, please make the check out to Friends of Festival Country K9s or FFCK9s and mail it to:  
FFCK9’s, Attention: Kim Ritz, Treasurer, P.O.Box 910814, St George, Utah 84791.  Please write on the check that the donation is for dog beds, so it is designated correctly.  

Any donation dollar amount can help and would be greatly appreciated.  

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