Cedar City Dog Park - supporting a
Our Director of Education is Gail Workman 
who has over 30 years of dog training experience.

CALL GAIL AT 435-592-5487 


Gail Workman, is a local dog trainer who will be offering
FREE SEMINARS on how to prepare your dogs for a dog park and how to help your dogs make good canine citizens.

To find out more about Gail's qualifications
and how she works, please go to:
Gail is also available to help you with questions and concerns that you may have.
Give her a call!
 Gail also offers classes in other areas like Agility, Tracking, Flyball

If there is enough interest, Agility Classes will be offered. 
Dogs will learn:

To come when called - off leash control, Navigate agility equipment: Dog Walk, A fram, teetor totter (all built for beginner dogs to learn on), open tunnel, closed tunnel, Weave poles, Jumping skills.

This agility class will help build confidence in you and your dog as a team.  Give your dog the outlet it needs to exercise it's body and brain.  You and your dog will feel good about the accomplishments.

If you are interested in Agility 101 or any other classes with
Gail Workman, call Gail at  435-592-5487  to reserve your place.
Comments about Gail:
I recommend Gail highly. I've been a trainer, worked with trainers, seen many trainers and trained with Gail. She's great! Positive reinforcement is the name of the game!
Miriam Davis
 My daughter did training with Gail and made lots of progress with her pup. This would be a perfect opportunity to get your dog ready for the dog park.
Diane Gil
Macey's Story - Macey was found in a garbage bag on the side of the road with her 4 other brothers and sisters. All are healthy and found loving homes. When we picked up our little girl she was very shy and come to find out she was the shyest of the bunch. Couldn't even get a picture of her with the group of them to adopt them out. Macey took to us very quickly but was very scared of - -well pretty much the whole world. Loud noises frightened her and dark areas were scary too. She would just shake and shake when people were around. Macey was never aggressive - just scared and shy. After a year of thinking she will just out grow this, we came to the conclusion we needed help. We learned about the class from Gail Workman and signed Macey and her dog sister up. First couple classes were tough being that not only was it noisy but there were "people" there. Gail helped show us that cuddling Macey everytime she was scared was giving into her fears. Things quickly changed after learning how to properly handle our "shy girl". Approaching "scary" things at a pace good for Macey and rewarding good and brave behavior made leaps and bounds in helping her. More and more exposure has really built her confidence and It brings me to tears to see Macey experiencing a whole new life with minimal fear. Very strong Macey also got a pinch colar to help me handle her better and it has worked wonders. She was very accepting to it and on a long around the neighborhood walk - couple corrections does the trick. Practice makes perfect. Gail has taught us that there are times for loves and times for being strict and not let Macey control the situation. Let her know that you are there and it is safe. What I have seen over the last couple of weeks is no short of a miracle. Macey has approached the scary water fountain with no hesitation, walked past a running car with one simple correction (she would run and pull as far away as possible before - resulting in getting loose from her collar and I chasing her down), weaving in and out of dogs and their owners with out hesitation - at times getting close to the humans, approaching people (who have food LOL) and taking a treat from them and Allowing the girls at paw spa to take her collar on and off. Does Gail's class make a difference? YES! Anyone who has ever known Macey can not believe she is the same dog. Is she cured? Well, there is no telling what happened to her before she came into our lives and no telling if all fear can be completely gone but what I can tell you is Macey's quality of life has improved 100% and I thank the loving people of the dog park group and the volunteers and Gail Workman for her help. Spend that extra time on your furry ones and you will be rewarded 100 fold!
Chelsie Gardner
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