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Our Accomplishments

~ Enriching the Human-Animal Bond ~

Blue dog bone shaped sign, Enoch Petsafe Dog Park

We raised funds for and coordinated the construction of Iron County's ONLY dog park! We couldn't have done it without help from a PetSafe Corporation  grant, and Enoch City's generous donation of land, along with many other DONORS and VOLUNTEERS. There are two dog runs, one for small dogs and another for large dogs. And the park is still being improved upon! Help us finish our dream park by donating or volunteering !

Low-Cost Microchip Clinics

We have provided low cost microchips to hundreds of Iron County's pets and their owners since 2013. 

Microchips help Iron County Shelters and Rescues more quickly reunite owners and lost pets . See our EVENTS &  CLASSES page for upcoming microchip clinics and more.

Four volunteers
Festival Country K9s volunteers

Food Drives for Iron County Shelters

Since our beginning, we have made it a priority to gather needed foods, toys, & cat litter for Iron County Shelters and Rescues. 

Our community drives also raise funds to be used for emergency veterinary care for shelter and injured animals in need.

Transportation to Best Friends Animal Society

We regularly transport animals to Spay, Neuter and Vaccination appointments provided by Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) in Kanab. 

These trips are scheduled as needed for shelter and local rescue animals. Expenses are covered by BFAS and Festival Country K9s.

Animal Shelter volunteers and black puppy
Gail Workman dog training education border collie

Affordable Dog Training & Agility Classes

Our Director of Education, Gail Workman, is a AKC Certified Dog Trainer.  Amy Chrisman also provides dog agility classes and training. Both Gail and Amy have and continue to provide thousands of hours of obedience, behavior modification and agility classes to community members and their pets. By taking classes, pet owners can gain a better understanding and appreciation for their furry friends. They also gain the opportunity to learn responsible ownership and breeding practices. 

Fundraising for Animal Shelter Beds

In 2014 in collaboration with Animal Rescue Aid, we raised enough funds to purchase 55 beds for Iron County's animal shelters, We did it again in 2019 with 28 additional beds for Cedar CIty's Animal Adoption Center. 

Although kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily, animals still  have to sit on the cold damp floor. A bed can help make their situation less stressful and more comfortable. Less stressed animals can then show their true personalities and are more adoptable.

basset hound on shelter bed
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